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Robert Greiner



Wayne F.
5.0 out of 5 starsFresh and wonderfully creative
July 14, 2019Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Robert Grenier has spun a masterful tale. The reader is drawn into the story from the first bitter cold morning on the farm to the bright heavenly city. One immediately feels a great empathy for the Razell the main character. Through all unpredictable twists and turns one is increasingly connected and engaged until you’re throughly engrossed. I’m sure That I am not the first to plead with Mr Grenier to allow us to delve into his steampunk world. - Wayne

Rosemary Moeller
4.0 out of 5 starsOne consistent non-stop ride through another world.
December 9, 2018Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Razell's journaling voice tells only what he can see and hear in a strange world where the reader is left to misunderstand, imagine out of view actions, and question the downhill ride to some conclusion unforseen.

Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 starsInnovative and surprising
November 21, 2018Format: Kindle Edition
I found Robert's book innovative and surprising, and for several reasons. Reminiscent of certain dream narratives such as Lewis Carroll's "Through the looking glass" and the fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith. A better analogy would be Franz Kafka's "Amerika." An ordinary hero namd Hans sails to our country, which is probably an alternate reality. Encountering several one dimensional people who bamboozle him, his simple viewpoint grows progressively more, for lack of a better word, psychedelic. Written in a crystal clear prose that only makes the ambiguity more metaphysical, I was left wondering if the ultimate hidden reality is "Maya" or dream as the Hindus teach.
When reading Robert's novel, it would be helpful to look up steampunk on a computer. Do not look for characterization. Do not look for morals or mundane reality. Carefully ponder the evocative names scattered throughout and look for hidden folkloristic archetypes. Look for the use of works of art as glyphs of consciousness
A recurring word is "seems," almost on every page. Read this word over and over again, because you will be viewing the self you don't know about.


Watch for Robert's next book.