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Daniel Lance Wright


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4.0 out of 5 starsShould be a movie

April 9, 2014

Format: Paperback

This is an amazing and touching story for anyone that has had a challenge with a family member that died. It is also amazing how the supernatural and the spiritual were woven together in a mystery. Wonderful and should really make a wonderful movie that would be a box office hit!



B. Adele Mooney

5.0 out of 5 starsDanny's done it again!!

October 2, 2017

Format: Paperback

Daniel has done it again! Annie Henderson, as a seventeen year old, AND her world (set in the future) are both superbly fleshed out in this continuing saga. (I hope there's a World 3 planned!) You find yourself wondering, along with the major characters, how the world could sink so low as to consider cannibalism 'normal' - but Annie's strengths win in the end and there is hope for the part of the world she touches. Excellent read - couldn't put it down.



Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 starsGood read!
October 14, 2016Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I really enjoyed the story. It is well written. The characters are very believable. I look forward to the sequel.

Jeff Armstrong
5.0 out of 5 starsMikki and all the characters in this book really come to life and I love how Mr
December 29, 2016Format: Paperback
The book really takes you into the world of Broadcast TV and the workings of the news room. Mikki and all the characters in this book really come to life and I love how Mr. Wright brings out the dysfunction in peoples lives and takes the reader into the inner struggles and workings of the human heart. Mikki, as well as most of the characters that Daniel creates, really comes to life and her struggle to balance her personal life and career goals is very real. This rivals Daniels other books with deep characters, real life issues that we can all relate too and identifies the human condition in its raw form. Well worth the read and will leave you wanting more...perhaps a long life of a young journalist working her way into the hearts of the readers? Good job Daniel!

William A. Overman
5.0 out of 5 starsFlirting and Fracking in TV news
October 24, 2016Format: Paperback
Call Me Mikki (a novel)

Aimed like a bullet at its target, does college student, Michaela (Mikki) Ross know what she’s getting into? Nothing can stop her from seeing her name in lights in the television news business. She’ll make it no matter what with her first part-time job at a small Texas station. Or will she? Yikes! I worked in news for twenty years. Believe me, at deadline there’s more stress and tension in a television newsroom than in a hangman’s noose. Because of it and after work, more hoochie choochie there, more threats and betrayals than in congress or an afternoon soap opera.
But Mikki’s driving ambition must jump some hurdles—high ones in this romantic thriller.
There’s, Patrick Daniels, a very charming anchorman. A love interest to thwart Mikki’s professional goals? With the proverbial nose for news the two team up investigating the downright vile side of the not so environmentally friendly fracking business, gashing holes in the Lone Star State’s terrain—the side oil tycoons would rather keep under wraps. Ominous threats ensue. A murder occurs. Could this make Mikki and Patrick wonder whether flirting and fracking or the news business itself are worth the danger and trouble?
It’s a suspenseful, heart-gripping read to find out. Call Me Mikki will keep you on the edge of Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki, page after page. Author, Daniel Lance Wright’s plot writing talent is that of twisting the tension of a fiddle string to its snapping point. Wright has a host of previously written novels in his backpack. My opinion is he’ll be camping out in the national spotlight with this one.

Bill Overman
Retired TV News Director

Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 starsNot everyone gets to "Call Me Mikki."
October 27, 2016Format: Paperback
Daniel Lance Wright set this romance/thriller in a fictional city in present day North Texas. Much of the story's backdrop is the NBC affiliate TV station there. By coincidence, Danny and I worked together at the NBC TV affiliate in Wichita Falls, Texas for several years! I can vouch that he knows intimately small market TV where a character like Mikki could very plausibly start as a part-time camera operator while she finished her degree at the local college and soon move into more demanding and exciting roles. Like a Texas tornado he picks you up and drops you into the unique landscape where the echoes of cattle drives and oil field gushers can still be heard on summer nights if you know how to listen. Although I share Danny's visualization of the station where we worked (which made the novel even more intimate for me) the reader will soon get caught up in the appealing characters and the life-altering situations into which fate thrusts them. The reader will come to care about Danny's characters, and when the final page is read, who can't but wonder what's next for these new friends you've come to know and care about? Sequel?

John V. Mcbride
5.0 out of 5 starsI learned a lot about being on air from him so when he tells you about television and some of the people in the business he is s
November 4, 2016Format: Paperback
I had the pleasure of working with Daniel (or Danny as I knew him) in the 80s. I learned a lot about being on air from him so when he tells you about television and some of the people in the business he is speaking with a great deal of knowledge. Couple that knowledge with his excellent writing skills and you have a book that will be hard to put down. And when you do put it down you will look forward to getting into the story as soon as possible....the book has twists and turns and just when you think you MIGHT have things figured out another twist pops up....a book that you will enjoy....You finish the book, close the cover, put the book down and wonder...what will happen next?
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DeAnn Seaton
5.0 out of 5 starsCall Me Mikki - Great Read
July 5, 2017Format: Paperback
Call Me Mikki was an amazing book! It kept me not wanting to put the book down and in between readings I would catch myself wondering where was it going to take me next! I've known Danny all my life. He was raised in a small West Texas community where I grew up just a mile away on a farm. I could so visualize as things were happening during the rough weather. Danny has a way of making you feel you're right there as things transpire. He is such a talented detailed writer and everyone would benefit reading any of his books! Good job Danny.....there's just GOT TO BE A SEQUEL!!!!

Gwen Carlen
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat read.
November 8, 2016Format: Paperback
I finished this book last night and went to sleep thinking about Mikki and Patrick. It was a very good book and I truly enjoyed it. There were twists and turns at every corner. The reader got to experience a peek into the local news business and even made me realize the dangers of investigative reporting. Sometimes love may have to take a backseat for some reason or another. I do hope a sequel is in the works. Great job Danny. I loved it!

5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing that he is so versatile and informed on so ...
October 25, 2016Format: Paperback
As usual Daniel starts the story and holds your interest with every line. Amazing that he is so versatile and informed on so many topics and makes the story so interesting and exciting. I have read most of his books and always find it interesting that I can't stop reading once I begin. Excellent details and a story that is up-to-date on the topic.

B. Adele Mooney
5.0 out of 5 starsDaniel's done it again - brought real life stories to ...
November 12, 2016Format: Paperback
Daniel's done it again - brought real life stories to life. Characters are well developed and realistic. You don't have to have a background in television news to follow the storyline. Though it's fictional, it could be a true story in today's oil and gas 'climate.'
Well done! Can' wait for your next book.

5.0 out of 5 starsGood book!
October 27, 2016Format: Paperback
I am a true fan of Daniel Lance Wright's science fiction novels, but found this romance novel, in one of his typical Texas settings, to be most enjoyable. I wonder if there will be a sequel about this romance? Or should I say romances?